Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my SwitchTote?

There are a couple of options for cleaning your SwitchTote: NATURAL CANVAS 1) Spot Clean with a Magic Eraser and let air dry. We've found that the Magic Eraser with Dawn in the middle (there's a blue section in the middle of the eraser) works exceptionally well on the natural canvas if you have a tougher stain. 2) Machine Wash - Cold water, gentle cycle. Reshape and let air dry. SwitchTotes are made of natural canvas so if completely submerged in water there could be some shrinking and stretching. We have washed ours in the washing machine and this has not affected the fit of the flaps, etc... In our opinion it softens the bag, weathers it some, and adds to it's character but this is a personal preference. 3) Dry Clean COLORED CANVAS 1) Dry Clean 2) Spot Clean with basic Magic Eraser Machine washing is not recommended for the colored canvas SwitchTotes.

Can I have a design printed in a different color?

Probably .... just ask! Some designs can be printed in a different color but not ALL of them. Send us an email with which design you are interested in and we will let you know.

Do SwitchTotes come in different sizes?

They sure do! There are currently 3 size options: Crossbody, Medium and Large SwitchTotes is growing faster than our ability to keep up with our website but we are working on updating it now! Until it's completely updated, if you would like to see and/or order either a crossbody or a medium (or crossbody or medium flaps) please send us a request with the size(s) you'd like and the design(s) and we will process your order for you. Pricing: Crossbody $135 Medium $170 Large $220 Crossbody Flaps. $35 Medium Flaps. $40 Large Flaps. $48 Our bags are handcrafted and, as such, there can be slight variations in the design on each bag. For example, a design shown on a large flap will look a little different on a small flap, etc...ff you have questions prior to placing your order please reach out and ask. We are here to help!